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Sustainable yield

Trade and commerce

  • Shopping centre Stüki Basel/Switzerland
    Client: Swiss credit
    Service: sustainability consulting and concepts development
  • Carwash, London Alfredsway/England
    Client: Rümmer System Engineering
    Service: project management
  • The Cube, Lehrter Stadtquartier MK9 Berlin/Germany
    Client: Vivico Real Estate GmbH
    Service: project controlling
  • Portfolio analyses for 120 objects in Germany
    Client: DEVAL entwickeln und planen
    Service: technical real estate evaluation
  • Residenzpost Munich/Germany
    Client: Sireo AG
    Service: project controlling
  • TowerVisions, Berlin/Germany
    Client: planufaktur GmbH
    Service: project planning
  • Real estate portfolio analysis for Treuhandverwaltung IGEMET GmbH, Germany
    Client: Treuhandverwaltung IGEMET, Frankfurt
    Service: technical real estate evaluation, construction site management
  • Stadtfenster Dortmund/Germany
    Client: ZIAG AG
    Service: sustainibility consulting

Technology Center Zongshen Industrial Group Banan, Chongqing/China

OwnerZongshen Industrial Group Ltd., Chongqing
ArchitectDIEDERICHS international
Gross surface areaapprox. 36.700 m²
Costsapprox. unknown Mio. € gross

Wholesale market halls, Munich/Germany

OwnerMunicipal unit of the city of Munich
Gross surface areaapprox. 72.100 m²
Costsapprox. 200 Mio. € gross
Schedule2011 to 2012

European industrial park Banan, Chongqing/China

OwnerMaliu Riverbank Development Ltd.
ArchitectDiederichs International GmbH
Gross surface areaapprox. 20.000.000 m²
Costsapprox. unknown Mio. € gross

UPPER EASTSIDE, Berlin/Germany

OwnerMEAG - MUNICH ERGO Asset Management GmbH, Entwicklung Immobilien
Architectvon Gerkan, Marg und
Partner Architekten
Gross surface areaapprox. 58,000 m²
Costsapprox. 165.5 Mio. € gross
Schedule2004 to 2011

KPM quarters, Berlin-Charlottenburg/Germany

OwnerBavaria property and construction management GmbH
ArchitectBraun & Voigt;
Heinle, Wischer
und Partner;
Suter & Suter
Gross surface areaapprox. 30,200 m²
Costsapprox. 47.5 Mio. € gross
Schedule2002 to 2004

Beisheim Center at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin/Germany

OwnerImmago AG
ArchitectHilmer & Sattler und Albrecht,
Prof. Bernd Albers
Modersohn &
David Chipperfield
Gross surface areaapprox. 122,000 m²
Costsapprox. 385 Mio. € gross
Schedule2000 to 2004

Citibank Duisburg/Germany

OwnerAsset Management Offices, Citigroup Realty Services GmbH
ArchitectHPP International
mbH, Düsseldorf
Gross surface areaapprox. 22,000 m²
Costsapprox. 41 Mio. € gross
Schedule1998 to 2000

MicroElectronicCentrum, Duisburg/Germany

OwnerGTT - Society for technology promotion and consulting GmbH
ArchitectFosters & Partners,
Gross surface areaapprox. 12,500 m²
Costsapprox. 28.6 Mio. € gross
Schedule1994 to 1997

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Mother company DU Diederichs is one of the leading project management companies in Germany's building sector. Since 1978, DU has represented a high level of professionalism and independence with competencies in various fields including program management, project management, public private partnership, sustainable real estate consulting, urban planning, technical due diligence, supervision, and quantity surveying, composing whole and comprehensive range of real estate consulting services.

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