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Theatre, museums and festival halls

  • Procedure for freelance and professional services
    museum kunst palast, Düsseldorf/Germany
    Client: foundation museum kunst palast
    Service: project supervision and controlling
  • Ständehaus K21, Düsseldorf/Germany
    Client: BLB – Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW Düsseldorf
    Service: project controlling,procurement according to German VOF-standards
  • Museum of Art and Culture, Münster/Germany
    Client: LWL – Association for civil planning Westfalen-Lippe, Münster
    Service: project management
  • Wilhelmspalais, Stuttgart/Germany
    Client: Stuttgart, federal capital of Baden Württemberg
    Service: project management
  • Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen/Germany
    Client: City of Ludwigshafen on the Rhine
    Service: project management

Gallery Lenbachhaus, Munich/Germany

OwnerRegional capital of Munich, construction department
ArchitectFoster and Partners, Berlin
Gross surface areaapprox. 12.030 m²
Costsapprox. 62,0 Mio. € gross
Schedule2003 to 2012

State Theatre Darmstadt/Germany

OwnerHessian construction management, Region south
ArchitectLederer + Rognarsdóttir +
Oei, Stuttgart
Gross surface areaapprox. 39.219 m²
Costsapprox. 73,5 Mio. € gross
Schedule2001 to 2011

Emil Schumacher and Karl Ernst Osthaus Museum, Hagen/Germany

OwnerCity of Hagen
ArchitectLindemann Architekten,
Gross surface areaapprox. 6.200 m²
Costsapprox. 25,2 Mio. € gross
Schedule2000 to 2009

State Theatre Kassel/Germany

OwnerHessian construction management, Region north
ArchitectGerling und Arendt,
Gross surface areaapprox. 23.286 m²
Costsapprox. 43,6 Mio. € gross
Schedule2001 to 2008

Kulturforum Westfalen, Münster/Germany

OwnerCity of Münster and Association for civil planning
ArchitectSeveral. Architects
Gross surface areaapprox. 46.232 m²
Costsapprox. 116,7 Mio. € gross
Schedule2003 to 2004

Kammerspiele Munich/Germany

OwnerFederal capital of Bavaria munich
ArchitectPeichel, Achatz,
Schumer, Wien
Gross surface areaapprox. 24.000 m²
Costsapprox. 110,4 Mio. € gross
Schedule2000 to 2003

museum kunst palast, Düsseldorf/Germany

OwnerFoundation museum kunst palast, Düsseldorf
ArchitectProf. Dr. Ing.
E.h. O. M. Ungers
Gross surface areaapprox. 15.500 m²
Costsapprox. 32,0 Mio. € gross
Schedule2000 - 2003

Westphalian Museum for Archeology, Herne/Germany

OwnerAssociation for civil planning Westfalen-Lipppe
Architectv. Busse, Klapp,
Brüning, Essen
Gross surface areaapprox. 7.600 m²
Costsapprox. 28,2 Mio. € gross
Schedule1998 to 2002

Ständehaus Düsseldorf/Germany

OwnerConstruction and property managment NRW Düsseldorf
ArchitectKiessler + Partner
Architekten, München
Gross surface areaapprox. 13.700 m²
Costsapprox. 49,1 Mio. € gross
Schedule1997 to 2002

Schloss Wilhelmshöhe, Kassel/Germany

OwnerHessian construction management, Region north Nord
ArchitectStefan Braunfels,
Gross surface areaapprox. 6.680 m²
Costsapprox. 19,7 Mio. € gross
Schedule1997 - 2001

Ruhrfestspielhaus, Recklinghausen/Germany

OwnerMunicipal building authority Recklinghausen
ArchitectAuer, Weber und
Partner, Stuttgart
Gross surface areaapprox. 26.000 m²
Costsapprox. 21,0 Mio. € gross
Schedule1995 to 1998

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