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Sustainable consulting and green building concepts

Sustainable guidance, construction, certification

Sustainable building - what it means

Creating structures that provide an enduring benefit for investors, building owners, users and the environment is short-hand for sustainable building. Certification procedures on an international level revealed that sustainable buildings are more effective than conventional buildings. Seals of approval are considered as quality criteria, increasing the value of a property, improving its marketability, contributing to risk minimisation, considering user requirements, producing comparability, and last but not least, serving environmental protection. Sustainable buildings are characterised by a holistic and highly future-oriented approach. Based on the life-cycle concept, the buildings meet clearly defined high-class quality standards, from planning to eventual deconstruction.

Sustainable projects – the benefit
Sustainability is far more than a short-lived trend. The demand to buy or rent certified objects is continuously growing. Sustainable buildings create a win-win situation including substantial benefit for many parties involved.

Project planners and building owners benefit from
  • quality assurance throughout all phases - planning, construction, utilisation and demolition of a property
  • a bargaining tool for negotiations with tenants, financial institutions and public authorities
  • early consideration and consistent implementation of a concept to achieve a balanced cost-benefit relationship
  • a minimised vacancy rate and investment risk
  • better selling and renting opportunities with higher rates of return
Users benefit from
  • healthy, comfortable rooms increasing the occupants' sense of well-being and therefore, productivity
  • a property representing your corporate strategy of social responsibility
Investors and buyers benefit from
  • certified quality of a building confirmed by an independent authority
  • low operating costs and higher sales prices
  • documentation of building qualities to structure real estate portfolios
Financial institutes benefit from
  • a risk management instrument with regard to tenancy and change in value
The sociocultural environment benefits from
  • provision for neighbourhood interests
  • creative assets that are ecologically compatible
The building and real estate industry benefits from
  • incentives to develop innovative and competitive concepts to realise energy-efficient real estate
  • higher standards for building materials safe for the environment and health
  • incentives to optimize legal requirements through certifications
Quality with added value - certifications by DIEDERICHS International
Certifications by DIEDERICHS International mean transparency and security for planners and building owners. Several certification systems, safeguarding a high reproducible building quality, have become firmly established on an international level. Nationally or internationally, we will support you as a reliable partner for certification. Experienced DIEDERICHS auditors will work out which certificate, the British BREEAM, the American LEED or the German DGNB, and in which category, bronze, silver or gold, is the best suited for your project. This gives you the guarantee to obtain a cost-efficient certification, perfectly in line with your commercial targets.
Our portfolio of certification according to DGNB, BREEAM, and LEED includes office and administration buildings (new and modernised buildings) as well as new constructions for manufacturing, trade, education, residential and the hotel sector.

Thinking ahead, getting ahead - your benefits from DIEDERICHS International
We work with proven experts who are deeply committed to the concept of sustainable construction. As co-founders and initiators of the German Sustainable Building Council, DGNB, we have supported and continually developed the establishment of this subject in Germany, from the onset. Furthermore, we look back over 34 years of successful experience in the area of project management. This special mix of expertise and innovative spirit lets us think ahead – with favourable effect for our customers. We offer reliable and qualified support throughout the entire process of certification.

  • Sustainability concept / pre-assessment
    Comprehensive pre-development consultancy, individual sustainability concept, developed in cooperation with customers, building owners, investors and the planning team, consideration of commercial targets, risks and chances, presentation of results as a decision-making basis
  • Pre-certification as an instrument for approaching the market
    Review and evaluation of documents and third party certificates, registration of a project with the applicable authority. If the submitted documents meet the requirements, the customer will receive a pre-certificate for marketing use
  • Auditing and sustainability guidance
    Cost-benefit-analysis (life-cycle cost evaluation), support of the planning process, control of the construction process under the aspect of certification requirements, final project auditing, and preparation of application documents for a certificate (sustainable: DGNB, ecological: LEED, BREEAM).

References - sustainable building with DIEDERICHS International
  • Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit GIZ, (German new headquarters Berlin – auditing and consulting in sustainability
  • Stadtfenster Dortmund, business and office building – auditing
  • IBA Hamburg GmbH – supervision of competition projects, consulting in sustainability
  • Stücki Shopping Center Basel, pre-auditing
  • Friedrichstraße 40 Berlin, office building – pre-auditing
  • Neckar Realschule Stuttgart (school building), regional authorities – pre-assessment
  • Railway station „Stettiner Vorortbahnhof“ Berlin, office building and office centre – auditing
  • Headquarters of power plant facility, Schönau – pre-assessment and sustainability consultancy

From the first steps of project development through to the commissioning, DIEDERICHS International provides you with ways and solutions to realise your projects in line with sustainability requirements.

Our services – green building
  • Auditing
  • Building utilisation costs
  • Technical due diligence
  • Life cycle appraisal / assessment
  • Sustainability guidance
  • Sustainability certification
  • Life cycle assessment

What customers say - project “Stadtfenster Dortmund“
ZIAG Immobilien AG comments on the DGNB certification of its existing property by DIEDERICHS.
“Sustainable buildings rank among the most attractive properties - equally popular with building owners, investors and users. "Stadtfenster Dortmund" at 'Hansastraße' – a premium location in Dortmund – is one of the first existing buildings in Germany to be certified by the German Sustainable Building Council, DGNB. As a pilot project for DGNB certification of existing properties, it has established new benchmarks in the area of sustainable building. In DIEDERICHS we have found a partner for auditing, according to DGNB and for the support of our ambitious goals. DIEDERICHS relates to our overall concept of developing innovative, responsible and future-oriented projects, which is an inevitable condition for constructive and productive cooperation. I was particularly impressed by the experience that DIEDERICHS always keeps an eye on the overall success consistently adhering to cost and deadlines. The completion of ’Stadtfenster’ with a rentable surface of around 4,000 sqm is planned for autumn 2010. I am already looking forward to that event as well as to future cooperation with DIEDERICHS.”Dr. Oliver Bäumler, CEO of ZIAG Immobilien AG

DGNB pre-certificate in gold for the office and shopping centre project, Stettiner Vorortbahnhof in Berlin at Expo Real DGNB president Prof. Dr. Dr. E.h. Werner Sobek PhD (on the left) and DGNB CEO Dr. Christine Lemaitre PhD (on the right) presenting the DIEDERICHS team (in the middle), Mr. Harry Hirsch and Dr. Wolfram Trinius PhD, with the pre-certificate in gold for the “Stettiner Vorortbahnhof, Berlin“.

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Bernd Boetzel, CEO and founding member of DGNB

"As early as 1995 we started to deal with the issue of sustainable building, e. g. in the project 'Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology'. The target was to undercut the regulations of the Heat Regulation Ordinance by 30 %. An essential part of the ecological deliberation in connection with the planning and construction process was, besides adherence to schedule and budget, the utilisation of renewable sources of energy. Those experiences have been applied to many public and private projects and further developed. It was a logical step to commit ourselves as initiator and foundation member of DGNB. In the last years we could make a decisive contribution to the establishment of Sustainable Building as a future-oriented quality and marketing tool. Our credo is that building for the future requires a change in thinking!“

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