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Staatstheater Darmstadt cooperation for better buildings
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State Theatre Darmstadt/Germany

experts on stage

The State Theatre in Darmstadt provides the capacity for approximately 600 performances, musical theatre, concerts, dance theatre and acting, in one season (240,000 visitors). It has two theatrical stages, i. e. ’Großes Haus’ (big opera house with 956 seats) and ’Kleines Haus’ (little playhouse with 482 seats), and a rehearsal stage, also used as workshop stage.

Thirty years of intensive usage made the reinstatement necessary, mainly including fire protection measures, the technical building equipment, stage technology and the new construction of an alternative playhouse. The theatre buisiness had to be secured without any time limitations.

In 2000, DIEDERICHS was commissioned with the supervision and control of the whole project. The crucial aspect that made the building authorities in Darmstadt decide in favour of DIEDERICHS was that DIEDERICHS had already integrated the required expert team, since technical examination of planning for special technical equipment was to become an essential part of the performance specification.

Considering the fact that the available resources cover only 75% of the required refurbishment, the processes were optimised with regard to user demands at an early stage, in order to keep to budget. The overall co-ordination during the realisation phase is highly demanding, with 69.0 m € to be spent for construction works, whilst maintaining the whole operation.

at a glance


Hessian construction management, Region south


Lederer + Rognarsdóttir +
Oei, Stuttgart



Gross surface area

approx. 39.219 m²

Gross volume

approx. 217.724 m³


approx. 73,5 Mio. € gross


2001 to 2011


Capacity planning
Capital management
Change Management
Co-ordination of planning participants
Co-ordination of the building owner’s personal contribution
Conflict management
Contract management
Cost controlling
Cost management
Cost planning
Dunning and arrears process
Monitoring of feasibility studies
Organisation management
Payment control
Planning control
Process contol
Process control
Project accounting
Project control
Project handbook
Project information systems
Project supervision
Proofs for use of capital
Quality assurance
Quality monitoring
Schedule controlling
Schedule planning
Sonderkoordination Termine
Supplementary management
Time Schedule management
User demand program
Variance analysis
VOF tendering procedure for freelance and professional services

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Foto: Barbara Aumüller

Foto: Barbara Aumüller

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