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Education, science and research

  • Cluster of Excellence Frankfurt Macromolecular Complexes, Frankfurt/Germany
    Client: Goethe university Frankfurt, Main
    represented by HBM Frankfurt
    Service: project controlling
  • Hospital for small animals and birds of the University of Gießen/Germany
    Client: Hessisches Baumanagement Gießen
    Service: project management
  • Pedagogics and linguistics, Kassel university, Germany
    Client: Hessisches Baumanagement Kassel
    Service: project management
  • Vocational collage Eschweiler and district house Aachen/Germany
    Client: Aachen district – district planning and project management department
    Service: procurement of ppp- contracts
  • University campus Darmstadt/Germany
    Client: Technische Universität Darmstadt
    Service: project management
  • Offenbach Academy of Art and Design, Germany
    Client: state of Hesse
    Service: project management
  • University of Music, Saarland/Germany
    Client: state of Saarland
    Service: project development and controlling
  • University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden/Germany
    Client: state of Hesse
    Service: project management
  • University of Geisenheim/Germany
    Client: state of Hesse
    Service: project management

Berlin State Library, Potsdamer Strasse, Germany

OwnerBBR - The Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning, Berlin
ArchitectBüro für Architektur und Baugeschichte, Berlin
Gross surface areaapprox. 81.300 m²
Costsapprox. 73,8 Mio. € gross
Schedule2004 to 2017

HEUREKA North: Universities of Kassel and Fulda/Germany

OwnerFederal State of Hesse, Hessisches Baumanagement
Architectraumzeit architekten, ATELIER 30 Architekten
Gross surface areaapprox. 80.000 m²
Costsapprox. 260.000 Mio. € gross
Schedule2008 to 2016

Berlin State Library, Unter den Linden, Germany

OwnerBBR - The Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning, Berlin
ArchitectHG Merz Architekten, Berlin
BAL Bauplanungs- und Steuerungs-GmbH, Berlin
Gross surface areaapprox. 105.000 m²
Costsapprox. 434 Mio. € gross
Schedule2001 to 2016

University of Fulda, Germany

OwnerFederal State of Hesse, Hessisches Baumanagement, regional north branch
ArchitectATELIER 30 Architekten GmbH, Kassel
Gross surface areaapprox. 12.147 m²
Costsapprox. 41,6 Mio. € gross
Schedule2009 to 2014

Primary school Gebelestrasse, Munich/Germany

OwnerFederal capital Munich
ArchitectDrescher + Kubina
Gross surface areaapprox. 12.637 m²
Costsapprox. 26,3 Mio. € gross
Schedule2001 to 2014

International School on the Rhine, Neuss/Germany

OwnerSchool am Stadtwald GmbH
ArchitectCommerc Leasing
Gross surface areaapprox. 15.200 m²
Costsapprox. 19,0 Mio. € gross
Schedule2006 - 2007

Werkzeugmaschinenlabor RWTH Aachen/Germany

OwnerBLB - Federal offices for construction and real estates NRW
Architectvon Gerkan, Marg
und Partner
Gross surface areaapprox. 9.500 m²
Costsapprox. 16,0 Mio. € gross
Schedule2003 - 2006

Book towers of Berlin State Library, Germany

OwnerFoundation Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Gross surface areaapprox. 16.600 m²
Costsapprox. 18,9 Mio. € gross
Schedule2001 to 2005

Schwarzenbek grammar school, Germany

OwnerCity of Schwarzenbek
Architectpbr, Osnabrück
Gross surface areaapprox. 6.000 m²
Costsapprox. 22,0 Mio. € gross

Integrated comprehensive school, Barsbüttel/Germany

OwnerCommune Barsbüttel
Architecttrapez architektur,
Gross surface areaapprox. 7.500 m²
Costsapprox. 15,0 Mio. € gross
Schedule1996 to 2004

School centre, Ratzeburg/Germany

OwnerCity of Ratzeburg
Architectpbr, Osnabrück
Gross surface areaapprox. 19.500 m²
Costsapprox. 14,0 Mio. € gross

Vocational college and district office, Aachen/Germany

OwnerDistrict Aachen - federal office for district planning and project management
ArchitectHahn Helten Architekten,
Böhning Kellner
Schüler Zalenga
Gross surface areaapprox. 8.697 m²
Costsapprox. 16,5 Mio. € gross
Schedule2002 to 2003

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