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Mission and Vision

We want to solve your problems! As one of the leading project management companies in Germany we have taken on the challenge of providing holistic and sustainable solutions.
You can expect excellent quality not only of the final product but of the process as well. We care about the complete and utmost satisfaction of our clients. Therefore, our professionals are at your side to ensure:
  • Fulfillment of your needs and goals
  • Clear and defined processes adapted to your business
  • Clear and transparent communication

What makes us different? We perform “German engineering” while understanding the challenging differences in international markets. Therefore, we work more effectively and efficiently when other companies cannot. How? We commit ourselves to our clients and adapt our expertise to their needs, business and culture. We pay close attention to the differences in the markets and develop strategies to adapt and to generate the best possible outcome.

In order to comply with today’s dispersed project environments, our management services are based on a flexible project information system which is accessed via the internet.

DIEDERICHS International GmbH
Chausseestrasse 25
D-10115 Berlin, Germany

phone: +49 (0) 30. 21 23 38.38

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DU Diederichs Projektmanagement

Mother company DU Diederichs is one of the leading project management companies in Germany's building sector. Since 1978, DU has represented a high level of professionalism and independence with competencies in various fields including program management, project management, public private partnership, sustainable real estate consulting, urban planning, technical due diligence, supervision, and quantity surveying, composing whole and comprehensive range of real estate consulting services.

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